Affordable Living at the Royal Arsenal

Everyone wants to live in luxury in London, but few manage. Here are some tips to live it up in London town and take advantage of affordable luxury living in the Royal Arsenal!

What Makes Life Luxurious? 

Many consider driving a Maserati luxurious, but truth be told, there are a lot of things that make up the foundation for a luxurious lifestyle. Many of the cornerstones of a luxurious lifestyle are associated with having a great deal of money, because money can buy these things. However, it’s not always that you need money to create a luxurious lifestyle.

A luxurious lifestyle means that you can easily get to work, you have time to spend at home with friends and family, you’re able to take time off for vacation and you can buy what you want for dinner and for your wardrobe. It also involves living in a nice home, in a nice area, having a great gym to attend nearby and being able to put your children through good schools.

Affordable Luxury Living at the Royal Arsenal

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How Do You Create a Luxurious Lifestyle in London? 

London is expensive, which makes it hard to live a glam lifestyle. Traveling from one end of London to another often takes time and it’s not only about getting to work - you need to get to the shops, take the children to school (if you have them) and get to the gym. A lot of old buildings in London come with associated problems such as draughty windows, poor insulation in general, a malfunctioning heating system (ever had a hot third floor and a freezing first floor in a Victorian house?), mould, separate taps for hot and cold water, leaks and mice. If you find a Londoner who has not experienced at least a few of these issues in the places they’ve lived in, you’ve met a lucky Londoner indeed!

Thankfully there are ways to avoid some of these issues. For a glam lifestyle, well, there’s Groupon and a variety of other deals, like cheap seasonal theatre tickets. This will greatly cut your costs and help you do the things you thought were “out of reach” due to their regular pricing.

Spending too much time in the tube, or stuck in traffic, seems like a necessary pain in London to most, but it can be avoided. You simply have to find living close to a station that will easily take you to where you work, whilst also being in an area that’s affordable and nice. This might seem close to impossible in London, but it’s not. Thanks to the new Crossrail stations that are being built there are new residential areas being developed where you can live affordably in the outskirts of town, but still get to the centre of the city in 10-20 minutes.

These new residential areas usually also offer beautiful parks and communal spaces, state of the art gyms and great schools.

When it comes to your home, newer developments often lack the problems facing old houses in the centre of the city. Sure the old Victorian houses are charming to look at, but if you’re looking for a quality home you need to find a Victorian house that’s been completely refurbished, or you need to find a newly built home.

When you cut down your costs for doing the things you wish to do, you find an affordable home in an area it’s easy to commute to and that offers lovely surroundings, you’re already half way there to creating the life of your dreams!

Affordable Luxury Living at the Royal Arsenal

Photo by: Mini Pen Flickr 

Why Choose the Royal Arsenal? 

As a letting agent in SE18 (South East London) and HMO expert, we know the ins and outs of renting a home in London and have watched with interest as the Royal Arsenal has gone from being an old armaments manufacturing and military area, to a bustling new residential area.

What’s so interesting about the Royal Arsenal is that you’ve got the old houses still standing (though most have been completely refurbished and repurposed) and it adds character to the area, as does the River Thames and several buildings offer panoramic views of the river. That penthouse apartment you could never afford in central London is now suddenly all that more affordable.

There’s a Crossrail station being built at the Royal Arsenal too, which will make transport to central London fast and reliable. In addition to this, there’s the Woolwich Arsenal DLR close-by and the Thames Clipper Service. If you always fancied getting to work by boat, this is the thing you’ve been dreaming about! 

There are other perks to the area too - the London Borough of Greenwich has invested and continues to invest a lot in its cultural aspects. This has led to a steady stream of cultural organisations moving to the Royal Arsenal and also brought millions of visitors, leading to a boom in business as well.

Good schools are found nearby too, such as Heronsgate Primary School, and there are also plenty of shops, gyms and a farmer’s market, which is open on Saturdays.

All in all, if you’re looking for a luxurious lifestyle in London, the Royal Arsenal can greatly help you along the way by providing affordable housing in a lovely area which will be easy to get to from central London. 

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