Why Royal Arsenal Is the Perfect Choice for Young Families

If you dream of starting a family in London, then there are many different things to take into account, so let’s have a look at these things and why the Royal Arsenal in South East London is one of the places that’s great for starting a family!

What Changes with Children?

Anyone who’s had children will tell you that it changes their life once they’re born. Things you used to take for granted, like an afternoon alone with a book, is now something you have to plan with babysitters. And when going out with the family you start looking at transportation - will it be easy to bring a pram where you’re going? It’s one thing going on the tube by yourself, another when you’re lugging a pram and a baby around. Not to mention, where you go to needs to be child friendly - a place where they don’t mind screaming babies, or toddlers who are playing. All the better if the place offers a playground for the little ones.

There are many other things that changes with children too, like your finances and the need to have easy access to a variety of amenities needed for the children.

  Why Royal Arsenal is the perfect choice for young families

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What’s Important for Families with Children when Choosing an Area to Live in?

Let’s have a look at the things families with children consider when they’re moving. As a letting agent in SE18 we’ve had plenty of experience with young families and their requirements and from what we’ve seen the below tops the wish lists!

-    good schools nearby

-    easy access to parks where the children can play and where the family can do picnics

-    great gyms nearby so as to make it easier for the parents to work out

-    nearby cinemas and restaurants for date nights where a nanny isn’t required all night

-    great transport available so as to make the commute to work as short as possible and make it easier going on outings with the family

-    nearby playgrounds and daycare centers, as well as playgroups and various classes for the little ones

-    a safe neighborhood with little crime

-    other families nearby so that the children find playmates and the parents get to enjoy the company of other parents

-    easy access to great food shops for the sake of convenience

These are the main points most couples looking to start a family and young families consider before moving, as well as pricing. Pricing is often a big part of the decision making process as having children costs. You are no longer just paying for two, but rather for three or four of you and one of you might choose to work part time to spend more time with the children, meaning your income might decrease.

What Makes Royal Arsenal so Great for young Families?

The Royal Arsenal is an area that’s undergone a lot of change in the past fifteen years. For hundreds of years it was a military area mainly used for the production of armaments, but in the late 20th century the military left. You still have the original, beautiful buildings left, but they have now been converted to host businesses and residents in most cases. New buildings have also been built, often overlooking the River Thames. This gives the area a unique character, mixing the old with the new, and it still draws plenty of tourists, keen to find out about its military history.

Why Royal Arsenal is the perfect choice for young families

Photo by: Firepower The Royal Artillery Museum Flickr

The London Borough of Greenwich has invested a lot in arts and culture in the area, which has led to several notable organizations having moved there, drawing people and businesses with them. The Borough has also invested in creating great public spaces, like parks, and buildings available for community projects.

In addition to this, the Royal Arsenal offers Thames Clipper services and a Crossrail station is currently under construction too. There is already the Woolwich Arsenal DLR station close by as well, making it ideal for those who commute.

Whilst the Crossrail station will make the commute to central London extremely short and easy, the prices of housing in the Royal Arsenal are still much lower than central London. As most buildings are new, or recently refurbished, the quality of housing is generally higher as well. Many development firms have invested in the area and it’s turning into a bustling hub for the arts and for residential living.

For families, another important factor is the Heronsgate Primary School, which is located in the area.

In short, the Royal Arsenal is an area that is both affordable and attractive due to its many amenities if you’re looking to relocate your family or start a family in London. As property management experts we’re happy to help you with your move, finding a suitable landlord, or finding a property to invest in, in the area. 

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