Royal Arsenal - Crossrail 2018?

Royal Arsenal - Thrilled for Crossrail 2018?

Soon a 200 metre long train will stop at the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich. The Royal Arsenal - an area that was previously hidden behind high walls and clouded in military secrets - has been opened up to the public and turned into a bustling residential area and business hub. With this change it’s been decided that a crossrail station will be built for 2018 as well, making the commute to Central London a lot easier.

Why is a Crossrail Station so Important for the Royal Arsenal?

The Royal Arsenal and its Royal Arsenal Riverside development has attracted thousands of people to come live there. In total, plans have been made for 3,750 new homes, many which have already been built. As a result there are a lot of Londoners who wish to commute to Central London for work and other engagements.

Hand in hand with the Royal Arsenal residential, development plans have been made for cultural, business and leisure quarters. Again, many of these plans have already come into fruition. The London Borough of Greenwich has made special efforts in supporting arts and culture in the area, infusing funds into various ventures and, as a result, the area gets around 20 million visitors every year, which, in turn, has provided jobs for some 16,000 odd people.

A crossrail station will mean that a lot more people will be happy to live there, as the commute to Central London (and all the train connections available in Central London) will be made a lot easier. It will also make the area even more accessible to tourists and visitors, which means more businesses and cultural institutions will consider it as a base for their offices.

Royal Arsenal Crossrail

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Various Means of Transport

The reason most developers and property management companies decided to get involved in the area is that there already is transport available at the Royal Arsenal.

For starters, there’s the Woolwich DLR station, connecting to the London underground a few stations away.

Secondly, you can grab a Thames Clipper service at the Royal Arsenal Riverside residential area, should you fancy getting a boat to work! Also the perfect means of transportation if you wish to go for a romantic dinner for two in South Bank one night.

The Royal Arsenal residential area also has the advantage of being situated near London City Airport, making it a great location for people who travel a lot. Catching the DLR to the nearest airport instead of spending hours getting trains, busses or the tube to get to airports outside the city makes a huge difference for frequent travellers.

Royal Arsenal Crossrail 2018

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Transportation Times

To understand the full impact of the cross rail station, let’s have a look at current traveling times from Woolwich, compared to what they will be when the new station opens.

Currently it takes 19 minutes to get to Canary Wharf, 34 minutes to get to Liverpool Street and 35 minutes to get to Bond Street. When the cross rail station opens, it will take 8 minutes to get to Canary Wharf, 14 minutes to get to Liverpool Street and 22 minutes to get to Bond Street.

If you live in the Royal Arsenal Riverside complex, or anywhere in the Royal Arsenal residential area, for that matter, your journey times will be greatly reduced. As a result property prices will continue to increase as it will bring a lot more people and businesses to the area. So if you’re thinking of buying, or renting, now’s the time to speak to developers and property management companies in South East London to get a feel for the area! 


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