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Making Money As A Property Owner

There is a range of ways to make money from property. While buying a property to rent or for appreciation are the most well-known, doing these successfully can be difficult.

Becoming A Landlord

7 Things You Need To Know While it can be a great way to make passive income and build wealth, being a landlord is not without its challenges. When starting out you quickly realize the importance of quality tenants, great property management staff, and even the impact choosing the right property can have on your rate of returns. If you are just about to become a landlord then read on.

The Importance of Landlord Immigration Checks

Do you carry out immigration checks for your prospective tenants? If not, then you'll soon be breaking the law and could be liable to a serious fine.

Retaliatory Evictions

Your tenant has a right to expect their property to be in good condition, and you'll expect them to look after it well whilst they live there.